Size & Fit

We're dedicated to ensuring your comfort and style by making sure you find the perfect fit. Shop with confidence, knowing that the right size is the first step to a fashionable and comfortable journey with Soulace Footwear. Soulace shoes are designed to provide a true-to-size fit with a standard "D" width, ensuring a comfortable and accurate fit for the majority of wearers.

For those with wider feet or those in between sizes

If you have wider feet or find yourself in between sizes, we recommend going up to the next size for an optimal fit. Our goal is to accommodate various foot shapes and sizes, ensuring everyone can enjoy the style and comfort of Soulace Footwear.

Size Guide


7 6 40 25
7.5 6.5 40.5 25.5
8 7 41 26
8.5 7.5 42 26.5
9 8 42.5 27
9.5 8.5 43 27.5
10 9 44 28
10.5 9.5 44.5 28.5
11 10 45 29
11.5 10.5 45.5 29.5
12 11 46 30
12.5 11.5 47 30.5
13 12 47.6 31


Measuring Your Foot

  1. Gather Your Supplies: You'll need a ruler, a piece of paper larger than your foot, a pen or pencil, and a flat, hard surface.
  2. Prepare the Paper: Place the piece of paper on the flat surface, ensuring it's big enough to accommodate your entire foot. Make sure the paper is flat and not wrinkled.
  3. Take Off Your Shoes: To get an accurate measurement, remove your footwear and socks. Stand up straight on the paper with your heel against a wall or other straight surface.
  4. Position Your Foot: Place your foot firmly but comfortably on the paper. Ensure your weight is evenly distributed, and your toes are pointing forward.
  5. Mark the Key Points: Use the pen or pencil to make a mark at the tip of your longest toe (this is usually the big toe) and at the back of your heel. You may want someone to help with this to ensure accuracy.
  6. Measure the Length: Use the ruler to measure the distance between the two marks you made. This measurement represents the length of your foot. Measure in both centimeters and inches for versatility.
  7. Determine Your Size: Compare your foot length measurement to a size chart provided by above. Different brands may have slight variations in sizing, so it's always good to refer to their specific chart to find your correct shoe size.


Still uncertain about your size?

Contact us directly and we're happy to help you find the right size!