What to Look for in a Shoe You Wear Everyday

What to Look for in a Shoe You Wear Everyday

Your shoes are an incredibly important part of your daily life. The better and more comfortable your footwear is, the happier and healthier your feet will be. Conversely, uncomfortable shoes are not only a pain to your feet, but they also cause several health risks.


Studies have shown that ill-fitted and poor-quality shoes can cause issues like toe deformity, ingrown toenails, and reduced mobility. In addition, they affect your ability to perform your job in the best way. Thus, it is critical to find the best quality shoes for yourself. 

But the real question is: With so many options available out there, how can you find the right and active footwear for yourself? If you face the same dilemma, you have reached the right place. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the major things you must look for while buying comfortable footwear for yourself. Take note of all the below-mentioned points, and we are sure you will be able to find the perfect pair of shoes! 


If nobody has told you yet, breathability should always be the first factor you must consider while buying a pair of shoes. Footwear made from highly breathable fabrics comes with micro-pores and moisture control abilities.

Further, breathable shoes keep foot-related issues like foot fungus and Athlete’s Foot at bay. They keep your feet dry, comfortable, and odorless. 

So, whether you are buying footwear for professionals, active footwear, or running shoes, make sure to choose a material that doesn’t have built-in ventilation and retains heat and moisture. Avoid going for rubber shoes because they usually trap heat and moisture. Making your feet sticky, sweaty, and uncomfortable. 


As cliche as it may sound, your goal should always be to go for comfortable footwear, even if it is a bit less stylish. After all, what is the use of buying fancy footwear if they cause terrible pain and blisters to your feet after a long hard day? 

However, modern-day footwear brands have started coming up with comfortable footwear and active footwear that offer the perfect blend of convenience and style. So, you will likely find stylish and comfortable footwear after doing a little research, 

Still, if you are doubtful about whether or not you should buy those shoes that look incredibly fashionable but aren’t very comfortable, our suggestion is to avoid them. When buying your next pair of footwear, always prioritize comfort. Trust us; your feet will thank you for that! 


Next comes durability. Since you will wear shoes for a large part of your day, you need to ensure that they are long-lasting and will easily get you through the day. After all, investing in a pair of expensive shoes that aren’t durable enough is of no use, right? 

Here are some tips for assessing the durability of your shoes: 

  • Check the soles of the footwear and make sure that they have deep gain tread. Shoes with deeper grooves are more durable, have better grip, and enhanced stability than the ones with a lighter tread. 
  • Always check the quality of lace, zips, etc. on your footwear. For example, avoid buying a pair of footwear that comes with flimsy zips and poor-quality fastenings. 
  • When trying on the shoes, test the material and the comfort level it provides. Your goal should be to go for sturdy, flexible, and comfortable footwear that offers a natural range of motion to your feet. 


Support footwear has built-in memory cushioning that takes the comfort level several notches higher. Likewise, your everyday shoes should come with proper support and cushioning.  Such shoes feel heather light on your feet and allow you to walk comfortably all day long. 

Support footwear is also recommended for people with certain mobility and posture issues.  

At Soulace, we offer a wide range of high-quality and super comfortable support footwear that will enable you to carry out your day-to-day activity in style! So make sure to check our support footwear line, and we are sure you will find your next favorite shoes there.  


So there you have it - the key things you must look for in a shoe you wear daily. We hope you found this piece helpful and that we were able to offer you some valuable suggestions. Keep this blog post handy while you go for your next shoe shopping trip. 

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