How to Prevent Your Footwear from Creases

How to Prevent Your Footwear from Creases

The motion of your foot inside the shoe might cause the leather to crease, but a great pair of footwear can endure for a lifetime. We are aware that you put much effort into ensuring that your dress shoes always look their best, and we are here to assist you in maintaining them and ensuring that they continue to appear as new as possible for the longest period. 

Even though some creasing is unavoidable, we have selected some helpful techniques for you to follow to keep your shoes from creasing.


Whether you want to dress casual or professional, pick out shoes that sit well on your feet. If your shoes do not fit, there will be spaces, which are the primary cause of creases in most footwear designs. This occurs most frequently around the toe box; therefore, you should search for a pair of dress shoes that fits your foot tightly. At soulacefootwear, we set the pace in providing footwear that fits!


The use of water repellent on your shoes will help protect them from moisture in the air or water that may be present on the ground. This kind of product will not render your shoes waterproof but will constantly prevent circumstances in which your dress shoes will become wet. However, it would be best if you were careful not to use the repellent often to avoid potential damage to your shoe. 


When putting on your dress shoes, you should use a shoehorn. The heel of your shoe can be difficult to get over your foot without the assistance of a shoehorn. For example, if you use a shoehorn, you can prevent the back of your shoe from creasing and wearing down. Plus, you can pick up a shoehorn at virtually any retailer that sells shoes.


It is a common mistake to take off your shoe after a long day and not store it properly; you need to take care of your shoes after using them for the day. You can store them on a shoe tree to get their moisture absorbed. Put them on a shoe tree whenever they are not worn. If you don't have access to a shoe tree, you can assist your shoes in maintaining their form by stuffing them with crumpled-up pieces of newspaper or tissue paper.


It is not appropriate to wear the same shoes for more than two days in a row. After you've worn your shoes, let them air out for an entire day before putting them away. When worn for multiple days in a row, the leather may become creased due to the moisture transferred from your foot into the shoe. 

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Toe taps are little discs fastened to the very tip of the sole of a pointed-toe shoe. They help reduce wear on the tip of the sole, typically the first area of these shoes to show signs of deterioration due to normal wear and tear. When the sole of a shoe is damaged, the upper of the shoe might become misshapen and creased as a result of the damage.

Employing the services of a professional cobbler to install your toe taps will guarantee that they are attached appropriately.


Leather conditioner keeps the upper portion of your shoe smooth and supple to bend without creating a permanent crease. You can achieve the result by treating the leather with the appropriate oils. The conditioner is a lotion that is gently worked into the leather. If you live in a region that has an extremely dry temperature, you might want to condition your shoes more frequently.


There are a few ways to correct a shoe with creases; most times, you can eliminate the creases on your footwear with these easy tips!

  • Apply a leather conditioner or oil to the crease to make it more flexible. Ensure that the oil penetrates the wrinkle completely so that the leather in the surrounding area becomes softer. When you apply heat to the leather, the oil will help keep your shoe from becoming damaged in the process. Leather oil, such as mink oil or neatsfoot oil, is available at any store specialising in leather shoes.
  • If the leather on the top of your shoe is too stiff, you can soften it with a heat gun or a blow dryer. Because lighter leathers are more likely to change color when heated, it is important to conduct a heat test on a separate region of the shoe's heel before applying heat to more obvious areas of the shoe
  • Use foam inserts. These inserts, which are placed within the shoe, have the shape of the front of the shoe and are meant to provide additional support. This helps to maintain the shape of the shoe while also slightly extending the material, which helps to both stretch out wrinkles that are already present and prevent new creases from appearing later
  • Removing creases from leather shoes is possible if you use steam on the creased part. 

To carry out this technique, first, dampen a towel, then place it in the microwave and heat it until it begins to steam; take the towel and rub it over the surface of the sneaker. However, the process may need to be repeated more than once for the steam to remove the creases effectively.


The bad news is that creasing is unavoidable, but the good news is that you now know how to remove creases from sneakers, and the process is significantly simple. So, we care about everything that has to do with your footwear: it is our business!

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